Are You Delivering the Right Value?

The success of an IT organization is dependent on the value that they bring to their business partners. How do you know if your organization is delivering the necessary value from an operations and a strategic perspective?

Capabilities Assessment

New CIO's and IT Leaders need to know quickly what their organization is capable of. This means not only individual capabilities but how well their processes are supporting their operational objectives. Process maturity simply stated indicates how well defined processes are and, more importantly, how well the team are (and are willing to) follow them. Depending on the size of the team, a capability assessment that focuses on your internal capabilities can be performed with results provided within a very short timeframe (typically 2 weeks or less for a small to mid-sized team).

Process is the science, adoption and perceived value are the art.

P5 Approach

  • Process Evaluation
    • Work origination (where does your work come from)
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Budget Management and Control
    • Individual Contributor Review
    • Business Partner Interaction
  • Value Assessment
    • Business Partner Value Review
    • Perceived Performance Index
  • Individual Contributor Review
    • Assessment of Roles and Responsibilities
    • Review of Process Adherence

Delivered as a candid and objective analysis of your organization and our set of recommendations for addressing gaps, or further leveraging the strengths that we uncover.

The P5 Approach will put you on a path of creating strategic value and operational efficiencies that enable your organization to move into an even more important role as a strategic business partner. If you ever question whether or not your business partners understand the value that you are providing, this process will bring a definitive answer to your questions and allow you to close any gaps or barriers to true strategic partnership.