What is P5 Associates?

I am Lloyd Williams and I started P5 Associates, LLC to realize a vision that I have for creating value through strategic investment in Information Technology. I have been an IT professional for 30 years and have seen many organizations that run the full range from struggling to thriving from the smallest to the largest multinational conglomerates. I've consulted at approximately 100 organizations and have been employed by many.

My goal for P5 was to create an organization that is truly able to bring skilled professionals together, blend their knowledge and create a capability that has as its sole focus, the creation of success for our clients. That may sound altruistic or even idealistic, but I genuinely believe this focus has been the key to my success over the past 30 years. It is my personal commitment to my clients and associates.

P5 Associates is a management consulting firm focused specifically on the challenges and opportunities of IT service and project delivery. Our focus is on process improvement and creation of value within organizations by guiding IT teams toward better alignment with business objectives and insuring delivery on commitment.

Our mission and driving passion is to deliver client accomplishment, guiding our clients to become more effective through relating and engaging with all stakeholders and understanding their needs, direction and perspectives. We acknowledge and firmly believe that every corporate culture is unique and must first be understood. Our focus is on providing leadership and supporting analysis to clients, across the United States and abroad, who are seeking to better align their IT organization to their core business and create true incremental value.


  • We operate under the guiding principle that success can only be realized through our clients' successes.
  • We believe in the Art of Accomplishment
  • Science is critical but it can only get us so far. We distinguish ourselves through the application of the softer "arts" that are critical to true organizational transformation.
  • The associates of P5 maintain and hold an unwavering commitment to objective analysis and candid feedback.
  • We will always demonstrate the management courage to ask the tough questions and deliver the truth to our customers.