P5 Onsite Assessment

Thank you for your interest in the P5 Onsite Assessment.  Our goal is to deliver value that exceeds investment.  One approach that we have found very effective is to create a tightly scoped and time-boxed assessment with clear objectives.  Whether your goal is to better understand your relationship to your business partner and better prioritize your investment or to assess your chances of falling victim to the soft factors that often contribute to project failure, the assessment is a low-risk way of getting answers fast.

Typically an onsite lasts 2 weeks and a full report is ready for delivery within one week afterwards.  This is based on a centrally located stakeholder base with good access.  The end product of the assessment is a unique and candid set of feedback that addresses the root cause the driving need for the assessment.  Using our unique approach we can get answers fast, provide actionable feedback and give you a fresh perspective that you can use to shape or reshape your direction.

Please send us an email with your contact information and preferred time to have an introductory call at assessments@p5assoc.com.  If you prefer talking about the assessment please feel free to call 202.815.2656 and we can discuss your needs and schedule.