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Thank you for your interest in P5’s Webinar Series!

At this time all webinars have been conducted and new ones are being created.  If you have an interest in the material and would like more information please send an email using this link:  webinars@p5assoc.com.

We would be happy to respond with more information.  If you have a large group within your organization we can also schedule private webinar presentations for your team.

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 Aligning Leadership and Assessing Readiness

We have all ran into situations where projects have been stalled, deadlines missed, users disappointed and general buy-in has not been there for change. Too many times our stakeholders miss out on the opportunity to proactively address change management and feel it is too soft to justify the investment. Join P5 Associates’ webinar to learn about our methods that quantify the two most important aspects of change:

  • individual readiness for the change
  • leadership alignment

March 4, 2015 – 10:00am to 11:00am (EST)  EXPIRED

March 5, 2015 – 2:00pm to 3:00pm (EST)  EXPIRED

Merging Cultures, Systems, and Action Planning

As executives you expect quantifiable savings, planned return on your investment, and measurable outcomes. On the other hand, how many times have you had a major process or system change take longer than planned, or never really get done? How many times have you heard the situation blamed on the soft factors like users just not “getting it”, requirements not being met, employee engagement that just wasn’t there? P5 Associates has a direct, economical approach that will show you where these problems are before you sink money into a project. Not only can this approach quickly define the problems, it creates a solution framework that enables your implementation teams to address them, reducing the likelihood of failure substantially. Join P5 Associates for an engaging presentation on the P5 Assessment and Action Planning Process to learn more about how your organization can reduce risk, improve engagement and shorten delivery times on your major initiatives.

March 4, 2015 – 2:00pm to 3:00pm (EST)  EXPIRED

March 5, 2015 – 10:00am to 11:00am (EST) EXPIRED