Project Management

The objective of IT Project Management is to deliver expected value in a certain timeframe, at or below the expected cost. As complicated as we often make it this is the objective, pure and simple.

If it's that simple then why do so many projects struggle to meet this very clear objective?

The P5 philosophy of project management is simple and proven to deliver on this goal. The high level process is as follows:

  • Understand the business objective behind the project
  • Work with stakeholders to insure they are in agreement about what needs to be done
  • Form a project team that understands the objectives, their roles and responsibilities
  • Create a plan and get everyone to buy in
  • Actively manage all stakeholders and team members
  • Insure that all impacted stakeholders are ready, willing and able to leverage the changes that are coming
  • Execute with precise focus
  • Communicate frequently and clearly

Why P5?

There are lots of great companies and individuals who have the certifications and experience to deliver MOST IT projects. We keep it focused and get it done.

Is your project like most? Is your company like everyone else's?

It's not. Neither are we.

The P5 approach to project management takes the science of project management and wraps it in what we call the "Art of Delivery". We firmly believe that science (processes, technical skills) is essential but can only get you so far. Most projects suffer from the seemingly unmanageable "soft factors" like:

  • Poor or inadequate communications
  • Conflicting priorities of stakeholders
  • Business user base not ready to engage and capitalize on delivered value

If your delivery partner doesn't have the ability to rapidly understand your culture and how to actively manage decision makers and key stakeholders the project will suffer. We bring the experience and tools to get projects on track from the start and keep them in line until successfully delivered. Regardless of your choice of partners, don't underestimate the power of the soft factors and how difficult they are to manage.

This is something that we have learned over the years and apply to all projects.