Taking Ideas to Action

Strategy is a broad discipline. If you have an idea or a strategy and are struggling with turning it into an actionable plan we can bring your future state vision to reality.


Many a great strategy has been delivered in the form of a presentation deck, sometimes 100 pages or more that ends up in what we affectionately refer to as "shelfware". A presentation deck with a big logo on it that spends its life sitting on the CxO's shelf is a failed attempt and a dead investment. These plans often fall victim to budget cuts, or the belief that the entire strategy must be implemented at once or can only be delivered by the company that created it. We disagree.

P5 Path to Value

Our approach to business optimization begins with a dust-off of your plan and a re-evaluation of what your current needs are. The plan itself is probably good so we will review it against your business objectives and put together a realistic tactical plan to deliver the most important aspects that will provide tangible, measurable value to your organization. From there we will create a plan to engage the key stakeholders that you need to make this vision a reality in the near future. Our focus will be on creating the highest impact in the shortest possible time. This initial success positions you well to gain support for implementing the rest of the vision and salvaging the investment made in creating the strategy in the first place. More importantly, the vision becomes reality and your organization starts to gain from it immediately. Whether you are a startup, have just completed a merger or are finding yourself in a position where you are required to do more with less, we offer deep operational capabilities that will enable you to remain competitive and raise effectiveness.

Key areas for the Business Optimization Practice include:

• Global Program and Project Management
• eBusiness Development and Launch
• Executive Coaching
• Startup/Incubation Structuring and Support
• International Operations and IT Strategy
• Team Building and Leadership
• Major Acquisition Integration Projects
• Client, Vendor and Stakeholder Relations
• Post-Merger Optimization/Refactoring
• Information Systems (IS) Planning

Call P5 Associates to discuss the leadership and supporting analysis we can provide to enable you to realize your vision.